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Transforming Business Operations with Advanced AGI Technology. Meet Lucy, your AI assistant designed to handle your tasks, regardless of their size.

v2.0 released

Introducing Lucy

Lucy 2.0 is an advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) platform, architected to revolutionise business operations through its multifaceted AI capabilities. Engineered with sophisticated machine learning algorithms and neural network architectures, Lucy demonstrates proficiency in natural language processing, data analysis, and task automation. 

Its transformative functionalities encompass intelligent customer interaction, automated lead generation, and seamless integration with existing enterprise systems. With a robust framework for handling complex data structures, Lucy excels in synthesizing and interpreting vast datasets, enabling real-time decision-making and operational efficiency.


Your sales partner

Lucy’s lead generation feature is a pivotal tool in revolutionising how businesses approach potential clients. Lucy’s lead generation streamlines sales by intelligently engaging with prospects, autonomously emailing customers, and alerting your teams to new leads, thereby boosting sales opportunities and efficiency.


Chat with Lucy

At the core, we have designed and built Lucy to be an open chat LLM that can be used for general or specific use cases. Whether you want to learn something new, find inspiration or get quick answers, Lucy is always there for you. Lucy has been trained on 500B Tokens, in other words, tonnes of data.


Natural Interactions

Lucy excels in engaging with customers. It can schedule appointments, provide detailed answers to product or service queries, handle FAQs, and offer comprehensive support. Lucy 2.0 elevates customer interaction by providing efficient, personalised, and responsive 24/7 service.

Enhancing Productivity with Lucy's AI-Driven Internal Operations

Lucy serves as a dynamic tool for enhancing internal business operations, seamlessly integrating into a company’s workflow. Its capabilities in automating and streamlining tasks are extensive, ranging from conducting thorough research and compiling pertinent documents to managing customer information and internal databases.

How about asking Lucy to plan your next team-building activity.


Based on your data

Lucy can be uniquely trained on a business’s own data, including proprietary knowledge bases and industry-specific information from text, pdf, csv files and more. This tailored training enables Lucy to understand and respond to queries with a level of expertise and customization that is highly relevant to the specific business context, ensuring more accurate and effective customer interactions.


100+ Languages

Lucy is proficient in various languages, allowing it to communicate effectively with a global audience. This multilingual capability ensures businesses can cater to customers in their preferred language, fostering better understanding and engagement. Customise Lucy’s language capabilities based on your specific needs.


Lucy 2.0 is an advanced Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system developed by Nort Labs, designed to assist businesses in enhancing their operations, customer interactions, and lead generation processes through AI-driven solutions.

Lucy enhances customer interactions by providing 24/7 support, handling FAQs, scheduling appointments, and offering personalized responses, ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction and engagement.

Absolutely. Lucy is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of business systems and platforms, allowing for efficient data retrieval and management across your existing technological infrastructure.

Yes, Lucy is scalable and versatile, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, across various industries.

Lucy can automate a wide range of tasks, including document creation and management, data analysis, email drafting, lead generation, customer service inquiries, and more, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Lucy is equipped with multilingual support, allowing it to communicate and interact with clients in multiple languages, making it ideal for global businesses.

Yes, Lucy adheres to stringent data security protocols and complies with data privacy regulations, ensuring that your business’s and customers’ data are handled securely and ethically.

Definitely. Lucy can be tailored and trained on custom data, including your business’s specific knowledge base and industry information, to meet your unique operational needs.

Nort Labs offers comprehensive support and training for Lucy, including installation assistance, user training sessions, and ongoing technical support to ensure smooth integration and operation.

The future development of Lucy focuses on achieving complete self-operating capability within businesses, with ongoing enhancements in natural language understanding, contextual awareness, and broader integration capabilities to continually improve its efficiency and effectiveness.


Our consultation aims to understand your business needs and provide tailored solutions.

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