import UIKit class SplashViewController: UIViewController { let textLabel = UILabel() override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad() setupUI() animateText() } func setupUI() { view.backgroundColor = .white textLabel.text = “Welcome to Nort. Complex Software Made Easy” textLabel.textAlignment = .center textLabel.textColor = .black textLabel.numberOfLines = 0 textLabel.font = UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 24, weight: .bold) textLabel.alpha = 0 view.addSubview(textLabel) textLabel.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false NSLayoutConstraint.activate([ textLabel.centerYAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.centerYAnchor)…

Welcome to Nort. Complex Software Made easy.


A Proud Moment.

At Nort Labs we proudly collaborated with Sonos, developing software that transformed their speaker system. Our solution enabled seamless Bluetooth pairing between Sonos speakers, creating an immersive surround sound experience. By combining meticulous design and engineering, we enhanced the way users enjoy music, movies, and entertainment, delivering exceptional audio clarity and depth. Our partnership with Sonos reflects our commitment to innovative software solutions and enhancing technology interactions.

Innovative software development that exceeds expectations.

Mac. Pc. iOS. Android.

Whether you prefer Apple’s ecosystem, Windows, or the world of Android, we have the expertise to bring your app ideas to life and ensure a smooth user experience on any platform.

Apps & Software

Apps &

As a versatile software company, we specialize in crafting a wide range of digital solutions tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s developing internal software systems to streamline and optimize business operations, creating engaging and user-friendly social media applications, or designing and building small-scale games, our team is proficient in transforming ideas into functional and innovative software solutions.

					import UIKit

// User Profile Model
struct UserProfile {
    let username: String
    let bio: String
    // Additional properties as needed

// User Profile View Controller
class ProfileViewController: UIViewController {
    var userProfile: UserProfile?

    // Interface Builder Outlets
    @IBOutlet weak var usernameLabel: UILabel!
    @IBOutlet weak var bioLabel: UILabel!

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Display user profile information
        if let profile = userProfile {
            usernameLabel.text = profile.username
            bioLabel.text =


Driven by Design

Driven by

At Nort Labs, we build complex software and apps with design at the forefront. Our approach recognizes the transformative influence of UI/UX design, revolutionizing how we interact with technology. By seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics, we create intuitive interfaces that enhance usability and deliver delightful experiences. Our talented designers collaborate closely with developers to ensure every aspect of the software or app is thoughtfully crafted. We embrace the power of UI/UX design to deliver exceptional digital experiences that meet our clients’ needs and captivate their users.

Technology Stack.

We utilize a diverse range of programming languages, including Python, CSS, Java, and more, to develop versatile and high-quality software solutions. Python excels in backend development and automation, while CSS is essential for creating visually appealing user interfaces. Java is renowned for its cross-platform compatibility and is ideal for enterprise-level applications and Android development. Our expertise extends to other languages like JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and more. By leveraging the strengths of each language, we ensure efficient, scalable, and tailored software solutions for our clients.

CRM's for Business

At Nort, we offer comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system development tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. Our expertise lies in building robust CRM solutions that streamline customer interactions, enhance sales processes, and optimize data management.

Endless Support.

We provide timely bug fixes, updates, and feature enhancements to keep your software running smoothly and up to date. Our dedicated support team is readily available to answer your questions, provide technical assistance, and offer guidance throughout the entire lifecycle of your software. We understand that reliable support is crucial for the success of your business, and we strive to deliver prompt and effective solutions to meet your needs.


We offer a wide range of services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, quality assurance, and product strategy consulting.

The development timeline depends on the complexity and scope of the project. We assess each project individually and provide an estimated timeline based on your specific requirements.

We develop apps for various platforms, including iOS, Android, and web-based applications. We ensure optimal user experiences across different devices and platforms.

Yes, we offer end-to-end development services, starting from conceptualization and design to development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support and maintenance.

The cost of development varies based on project requirements. We provide customized quotes after understanding your specific needs, project complexity, and desired features.

Yes, upon completion of the project and full payment, you will own the intellectual property rights to the developed software or app.

We prioritize security throughout the development process, employing industry best practices and robust security measures to safeguard your software or app against potential threats.

Absolutely! We have experience integrating various third-party services, APIs, and frameworks to enhance functionality and provide seamless user experiences.

Yes, we offer post-development support and maintenance services to ensure your software or app continues to function optimally, including bug fixes, updates, and feature enhancements.

We understand the importance of budget and timeline constraints. Our team works closely with you to find the most feasible and efficient solution that aligns with your budget and timeline requirements.

Nort Labs Ltd ® London.


Our consultation aims to understand your business needs and provide tailored solutions.

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