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Costa Coffee

Enhancing Costa Coffee’s customer engagement through a QR code-driven CRM automation, delivering personalized deals and superior experiences.

At Nort Labs, we specialize in advancing CRM automation through artificial intelligence to transform customer engagement strategies. Our innovative solutions have enabled Costa Coffee to enhance interaction with customers far beyond traditional methods. By integrating AI-driven automation, we’ve optimized data collection and personalized communication, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. This strategic advancement ensures that Costa Coffee benefits from increased operational efficiency and offers a uniquely tailored service experience.

“Our collaboration with Nort Labs has been groundbreaking,” remarked a Costa Coffee executive. “Their innovative automation solutions have not only streamlined our operations but have also enriched our customer interactions. We’re exploring further advancements to continually elevate our service and customer satisfaction.”

Client: Costa Coffee
Industry: Hospitality/Café Chain
Solution Provider: Nort Labs

Process of implementation

Costa Coffee recognised the opportunity to take a significant leap forward and implement AI. Here is a brief overview of how we achieved it. 

  • Phase 1

QR Code Implementation: By placing QR codes on tables, customers can easily access a special offer (like a free coffee) by scanning the code. This serves as an immediate engagement tool.

Phase 1
Phase 2
  • Phase 2

Data Collection: The landing page not only offers something valuable but also collects customer data, which is essential for building a contact list. This data can include names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information such as customers favourite beverage.

  • Phase 3

CRM Integration: Automatically adding these details to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps in organizing and managing customer data efficiently, making it easier to engage with them in the future.

Phase 3
Phase 4
  • Phase 4

Confirmation and Reward: Sending an SMS to confirm the sign-up and reward not only ensures that the customer feels acknowledged but also confirms their consent to be contacted again.

  • Phase 5

Utilization of Data for Marketing: Using the contact list, you can send targeted promotions at strategic times (like slow business hours) to drive traffic. Direct text marketing can be customized for various occasions and offers, making it highly versatile.

Phase 5
Phase 6
  • Phase 6

Direct Marketing: This approach allows cafes to directly communicate special offers and promotions, making marketing efforts more personal and effective.

  • Phase 7

Results and Adaptability: Monitoring the results and adapting the offers based on customer response and business needs can further enhance the effectiveness of this strategy.

Phase 7
Executive Summary

Costa Coffee, one of the world’s leading coffee shop chains, partnered with Nort Labs to revolutionize their customer engagement and data management strategies through AI-driven CRM automation. The primary goal was to personalize customer experiences and increase operational efficiency across all locations. This case study explores the challenges Costa Coffee faced, the solutions Nort Labs provided, and the outcomes of this transformative collaboration.


Costa Coffee sought to enhance customer interaction and operational efficiency but faced several challenges:

  • Inconsistent customer engagement across various locations.
  • Slow data collection processes, leading to delayed marketing responses.
  • Limited personalization in customer communication and offers.

The primary objectives of implementing the AI-driven CRM automation were to:

  • Streamline data collection and integration into Costa Coffee’s CRM system.
  • Personalize marketing efforts based on customer preferences and behavior.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through targeted communication.
  • Increase overall operational efficiency during off-peak hours.

Nort Labs implemented a comprehensive AI-driven automation solution that included:

  • AI-Enhanced QR Code Scanning: Deployed across all tables in Costa Coffee shops, these QR codes directed customers to a landing page that collected personal information and preferences.
  • CRM Integration: Customer data was automatically fed into Costa Coffee’s CRM system, allowing for real-time data processing and analytics.
  • Personalized Communication: Utilizing AI algorithms, Costa Coffee was able to send personalized offers and messages to customers, improving engagement and response rates.
  • Targeted Campaigns During Off-Peak Hours: AI tools analyzed customer data to identify the best times for promotional campaigns, helping to increase traffic during typically slow periods.

The implementation process included several key phases:

  1. Preliminary Analysis and Planning: Nort Labs conducted an initial assessment to understand Costa Coffee’s existing processes and identify opportunities for automation.
  2. System Design and Integration: Nort Labs designed a customized AI-driven solution that integrated seamlessly with Costa Coffee’s existing CRM system.
  3. Testing and Optimization: Before full-scale deployment, the system was tested in selected locations to refine the technology and ensure its effectiveness.
  4. Rollout and Training: The solution was rolled out across all Costa Coffee shops, accompanied by comprehensive staff training on the new system.
  5. Ongoing Support and Analytics: Nort Labs provided continuous support and detailed analytics to measure performance and optimize the system.

The AI-driven CRM automation provided significant improvements:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: Personalized interactions led to a 30% increase in customer engagement metrics.
  • Enhanced Data Collection: The speed and accuracy of data collection improved by 50%, enabling more responsive marketing strategies.
  • Boosted Sales During Off-Peak Hours: Targeted promotional campaigns increased sales by 20% during off-peak hours.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Personalized offers and improved service efficiency enhanced overall customer satisfaction.

The partnership between Costa Coffee and Nort Labs has set a new standard in the hospitality industry for how AI can enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. The success of this project not only improved Costa Coffee’s market position but also demonstrated the significant potential of AI in transforming business practices.

Costa Coffee plans to further explore AI capabilities with Nort Labs, aiming to expand the scope of automation and include predictive analytics for even more personalized customer experiences.

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