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Emirates SkyAssistant

Discover the future of in-flight service with Emirates’ SkyAssistant. Enhance your journey with real-time information, personalised service, and interactive support— serving 519 passengers simultaneously all at your fingertips.

Emirates’ SkyAssistant revolutionises the in-flight experience by addressing key passenger pain points through a seamless, interactive chat interface. Designed to offer a wide range of services directly from the in-flight entertainment system or passenger’s personal devices, SkyAssistant alleviates common frustrations associated with air travel. Passengers often face challenges such as lack of real-time flight information, difficulty accessing in-flight services, and uncertainty about travel details like visa requirements and destination insights.

SkyAssistant tackles these issues head-on by providing instant access to flight updates, meal orders, and entertainment options without the need for passengers to wait for crew assistance. This not only enhances passenger comfort but also significantly reduces the workload on cabin staff, allowing them to focus more on personalised service rather than routine inquiries. The assistant’s ability to offer shopping assistance and health tips ensures that every aspect of the passenger’s needs is covered, from comfort to convenience.

Additionally, by integrating feedback collection directly through the system, Emirates continuously refines and enhances the passenger experience. This feedback loop enables real-time improvements and adjustments, making SkyAssistant an indispensable travel companion. Ultimately, this automation not only simplifies the complexities of travel but also enriches the journey, making flying with Emirates a more enjoyable and stress-free experience. Through these advancements, Emirates continues to set new standards in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in the aviation industry.

Client: Emirates Airlines
Industry: Aviation
Solution Provider: Nort Labs

Process of implementation

As part of our commitment to enhancing the travel experience, Emirates introduces SkyAssistant, a sophisticated in-flight assistant designed to streamline and enrich your journey. This section outlines the step-by-step process through which SkyAssistant transforms traditional in-flight service into an interactive, engaging, and highly efficient experience for every passenger aboard. From the moment you activate the assistant on your personal screen, you’re guided through a seamless interaction that not only meets your immediate needs but also anticipates and addresses your travel inquiries with precision and ease.

  • Phase 1

Welcome and User Introduction: Upon activation, SkyAssistant greets passengers via the in-flight entertainment system or by scanning a QR code and offers a brief overview of its capabilities. This introduction helps familiarize passengers with the range of support the assistant can provide during the flight.

Phase 1
Phase 2
  • Phase 2

Engaging in Natural Conversations: Instead of navigating through traditional menus, passengers interact with SkyAssistant via natural, intuitive conversations that are multilingual, accommodating the diverse linguistic backgrounds of Emirates' global passengers. This allows for a more dynamic and personalized dialogue, where passengers simply voice their needs or type in their questions in their preferred language. SkyAssistant uses sophisticated natural language processing to understand and respond to inquiries, covering topics such as flight information, dining preferences, entertainment options, and more. This approach facilitates a smoother, more human-like interaction, making the in-flight experience effortlessly informative and enjoyable for everyone aboard.

  • Phase 3

Information Query and Response: When a passenger selects a category, SkyAssistant processes the input and provides specific information or guidance. For example, if a passenger inquires about meal options, the assistant will display the available menu along with instructions on how to order.

Phase 3
Phase 4
  • Phase 4

In-Flight Shopping Assistance: For passengers interested in shopping, SkyAssistant can provide detailed information about available duty-free products, prices, and how to make purchases directly from their seat, enhancing the shopping experience without needing to browse physical catalogs.

  • Phase 5

Destination Insights and Visa Guidance: As the flight progresses, passengers can inquire about their destination, including weather, cultural tips, and visa requirements. SkyAssistant offers valuable insights to help passengers prepare for their arrival.

Phase 5
Phase 6
  • Phase 6

Health and Comfort Tips: SkyAssistant provides tips on how to deal with common flight-related health issues such as jet lag or dehydration, offering advice on stretches, hydration, and other comfort-enhancing tips.

  • Phase 7

Feedback Collection: Before the flight concludes, SkyAssistant invites passengers to provide feedback on their experience with both the flight and the assistant itself. This step is vital for Emirates to gather insights and continuously improve the service.

Phase 7
Phase 8
  • Phase 8

Closing Interaction and Continuous Support: SkyAssistant concludes the interaction with a thank you message, reminding passengers that they can reactivate the assistant at any time during the flight if further information or assistance is needed. This ensures passengers feel supported throughout their journey.

Executive Summary

Emirates Airlines, a global leader in commercial aviation, sought to enhance its in-flight passenger experience through innovative technology. The airline partnered with Nort Labs to develop SkyAssistant, a conversational AI chatbot, aimed at providing real-time support and enhancing passenger engagement throughout the flight. This case study delves into the challenges faced by Emirates, the integrated AI solution provided by Nort Labs, the implementation process, and the transformative outcomes from this initiative.


Emirates aimed to address multiple challenges to elevate its customer service and operational efficiency:

  • Information Overload: Passengers often felt overwhelmed by the volume of information needed to navigate their travel and in-flight options effectively.
  • Language Barriers: With a diverse international customer base, providing multilingual support in real-time was increasingly crucial.
  • Service Response Times: The time taken to respond to passenger requests varied, impacting overall satisfaction.
  • Crew Workload: High demand for personal interaction with crew members for non-essential queries increased workload and decreased efficiency.
  • Passenger Personalisation: There was a growing need to personalize services to meet individual preferences and requirements effectively.

The deployment of the SkyAssistant aimed to:

  • Improve accessibility to flight-related information and services through an automated platform.
  • Enhance the efficiency of service delivery and reduce the workload on cabin crew.
  • Provide a multilingual interface to cater to Emirates’ diverse clientele.
  • Increase passenger engagement through interactive, personalized content.

SkyAssistant was developed as a comprehensive solution to integrate seamlessly with Emirates’ existing in-flight entertainment systems. Key functionalities included:

  • Automated Flight Updates and Information: Real-time updates on flight status, altitude, and estimated arrival times.
  • Dynamic Q&A Capability: Instant responses to queries about dining options, seat adjustments, and entertainment choices.
  • Duty-Free Shopping Assistance: Information on available products and descriptions to aid shopping decisions.
  • Health and Wellness Advice: Tips on managing jet lag, hydration, and other health-related issues.
  • Visa and Travel Tips: General guidance on entry requirements and customs for various destinations.

The implementation was structured into distinct phases:

  1. Consultation and Planning: Gathering input from flight crews and frequent passengers to understand their needs and expectations.
  2. Development and Integration: Tailoring the AI to integrate with in-flight systems and ensuring compliance with international aviation standards.
  3. Pilot and Feedback: Launching on selected flights to collect data and feedback, followed by system adjustments based on initial user interactions.
  4. Training and Deployment: Comprehensive training for flight crews on facilitating passenger interaction with SkyAssistant.
  5. Full Rollout: Extending SkyAssistant across all Emirates flights equipped with the necessary in-flight entertainment technology.

Post-implementation, significant improvements were observed:

  • Enhanced Passenger Experience: Positive feedback increased by 40%, with particular appreciation for the multilingual support and personalized content.
  • Decreased Crew Workload: A 50% reduction in routine inquiries handled by the crew, allowing for better focus on essential duties.
  • Increased Sales: A 20% increase in in-flight duty-free sales due to effective product promotion through the assistant.
  • Operational Efficiency: Faster response times to passenger inquiries, improving overall flight satisfaction.

SkyAssistant has redefined the benchmark for in-flight service by seamlessly integrating AI technology into Emirates’ customer service operations. This cutting-edge innovation has significantly enhanced the passenger experience by providing a personalized, intuitive service platform that supports a wide range of languages and personal preferences. Moreover, it has facilitated a more efficient allocation of crew resources, allowing flight attendants to focus on critical service tasks that require human interaction while routine inquiries and requests are efficiently managed by the AI.

The success of SkyAssistant showcases the transformative potential of artificial intelligence within the aviation industry, not only improving customer satisfaction but also optimizing operational workflows. This integration has positioned Emirates as a forward-thinking leader in adopting technology to exceed passenger expectations and set new standards in the competitive airline market. Looking ahead, the continued evolution and refinement of SkyAssistant will further cement Emirates’ reputation for pioneering customer-focused innovations, ultimately shaping the future of air travel.

Future Directions

Emirates plans to explore further enhancements for SkyAssistant, including personalized travel recommendations and adaptive learning algorithms to refine responses based on passenger preferences and behaviors. This ongoing development will continue to position Emirates at the forefront of technological innovation in commercial aviation.

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